Bhairabi, a raga,You*, a morn,

Your voice moves,
A time tested classic
On me this morn
Like Bhairabi, a  stream,
A raga which keeps life
With life by intricate ups to the fullest,
A wordless pure of wordless pattern,
A sharp reach, a rippling fall,
A dewy autumn,

Your morning dawns,
Like a beautiful freedom,
In dust, in music, in raga,
A Bhairabi stream,
Keeping the journey
Always within,
From which the fountain gushes,
A smooth sail through rosy cheeks, myrtles,

Your voice moves,
A time tested exercise,
On me causing a mirthful rise,
Like finding strings how upon plucked,
Cause waves into the misty air minor to sharp,
A birth of music how on notes get a form,
You in me set a bhairabi strong...

( Note: *You: a raga, bhairab)


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