Loving You, is being irreligious,

Loving You,
Is like
Be ing
A being,

Loving You
Is like falling to You all times
Days nights evenings afternoons
Waking sleeping dreaming
You are there,
Just beside me,
A shadow of mine
Own, shining on my heart,

Loving you
Is like walking through the dust heat and rain
And yet never feeling any pain,

Loving you
Is like chanting a prayer for the whole world
To be Human, irreligious,
Deep just like Your awesome Eyes,
Where only Peace as Truth lies,

Loving you
Is feeling birth of flowers constant
Living every part of every instant,
As music lives, upon your leaves,
As paintings into you like me peeps,

Loving you
Is loving all the skies
Of all seasons, Autumn or Monsoon late,
Where Beauty in varied forms emancipates,

Loving You
Is staying
Just put,
With mirth
In your eyes.


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