me longs for life, and in my engine heart, gasoline burns,like art,

me longs for life
And in my engine heart
Four valved,
Gasoline burns,
me longs for music
And in my musical heart
Tunes sketch songs,
me longs for water
And in my watery eyes
Bluish green deep lies,
me longs for kids,
And in their happy eyes' lids
me finds joys on the  street,
me longs for art,
And in my uncooped ever expanding heart,
Renaissance paintings spurt,
me longs for dawn,
And in my september drizzling morns,
Keatsean Grecian Urn to perennial turns,
me longs for flowers,
And in my flowery surge,
Garden of Eden in the city scape paints happiness Large,
me longs for flight,
And in me as supplied by You, The Light,
Like a prayer, heeded, wings of poesy me sights,
me longs for the mountain's glitter,
As You there drop snowy picturesque eon,
Immeasurable, loveseeped, beyond readings of lightmeter...

And me only bows,
And me only prays,
And me on my morn's mat lays,
And the world appears so, in rest,


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