Tied my life with You, as a song,

Tied my life with You,
As a song, autogenerated,
As sings the morn,
As sings the air so youngish an autumn,
As sings dream
Of waking up
To a long vacation,
Of spending life
With poetic potion,
As sing those trees,
Drinking the flavour of the cool breeze,
As sings the lovely street,
Where golden chips
Fall with sparkling drops...

Tied my life with You,
Life, as drops of dew
Sketch paintings few
On rear view glass,
As lighted mist on my face
Life paints like fragrant best,
Tied my life with the celebration
Of life,
Of birth,
Of living to the fullest,
Of being in best blessed state,
Written by You,
The State.


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