Quench this thirst, if You, be the kind,

Quench this thirst mine,
Goddess of perpetual shine,
If You be The Kind,
Fill me with life
So, that to Your Fete
me lies low, in your bless
Finds me a write up like a trace
Of light itself,
In Your splendour, in Your ball of shine,
me sleeps off like your child,
Cooled and calmed by Your perfumed breeze mild,
O Goddess of Perpetual Shine,
Lift me to your Divine,

Fill my mind with Your dyes,
White holding all colors,
In You help me find that eternal sky,

Quench this thirst
Fill me with life full of lust,
To travel closing the outside,
To travel to You The Unseen, The Light,
That makes rivers
To flow from hills to ocean,
That makes life as red
As a never ending martini glass of wine,

O Goddess of Perpetual Shine,
Fill me with pens to quench
This thirst,
make me to row boat mine till The Last.


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