Like an original score,an effusion,

O You
The Queen of the Night,
How You in me set
An Original score
A tune,
So so soft,
That me feels
me has been turned a drop
Of a feather,
A light weightless Be ing,
A meaning
Of only words,
No noise,
No voice,
Only an essence,
A sleepy dreamy balmy feel
Felt only by a soul,

An original score
How You in me pour,
A burdenless free vapour,
A misty autumnal layer,
Spreading out like a perfume,
From a drop so miniscule
To mix with the atmosphere,
A diffusion,
An elation carrying no pull,
No gravitation,
Only an effusion,

O how You turn me ether,
By Your Ethereal tune,
An original score.


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