Such a cool morn, such a breezy begin,

Such a cool moist morn,
Such a breezy beginning,
If the day waking up sings,
If those trees stand up such to feel,
If the streets with such calmed state to one reveal
Only candid a rivery flow,
Why not one loves life more?
Why not one takes to philos?

If with an inner delight
Of divine mellowed light
The soul finds a journey pure vertical,
If with the climbing of stairs
One stops a bit to get the cloudy layers,
If songs happen in every part of one's existence,
If dreams deepen to paint a fantastic festive sense,
Why not one takes in all that surround one?
Why not one becomes a receptor of the songs of an Awakened Morn?
Why not one writes an Escape to Eternity?
Why not one kneels more to be blessed by awesome Piety?


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