Fill me, with Your Gold, colory birth, color my veins, my soul,

Fill me
With Your Gold,
Your Colory Birth,
Color me soul,

Fill me
By colors
From the sky,
Colors from your misty,
Cooled breezy,
Lit up an Autumn,
Color me by cloudy cottons,
Color me
By Your never ending anthology
Your written
Unwritten scriptures,
Your doctrine of ever lasting Life,
Color me with Your Holy Drive
Of  joyous stream,  so bright,
Like a Religious Bright,

Charge me with Your Faith,
Your times that flows never wanting to be delayed,
By any lapse of poesy,
Color me with Your flowering daisies,
Your ramblin' brook,
Color me with Your Holy Book
of Psalms,
Paintings that to childhood mine turn,
Color me with
Your ways of planting balms
On the World,
Non stop,

As me writes,
Writes till me dies,
Writes till me wakes,
Writes all Your glorified spontaneous takes...
As me hath known nothing else since birth,
As me hath lived only only for that,
As me have been doing living by that flow
Since one September, like a virgo.


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