Looking at You, me sings like a bird,

Looking at Your path,
me sings like a bird,
Looking at Your ways,
me like a swing sways,
Feeling You within like a mirth,
me takes to flowery surge,

Keep on Going You, Love,*
For you me flies like a dove,

Keep on waking me up, Windy blow,
For You, me keeps on sleeping to a poetic flow,

Keep on charging me like photonic burst,
For You, me Beauty and Truth and Eternal discovers,

Keep on keeping me to this joyous State,
For You, me like a paint bucket times roman stays,

Keep on planting into me Your Soul tuneful,
For there me lives colored by music full,

Keep on,
For you me on leaves of autumn
Like a Sun Day,

(Note: * Love as Soul, as Agape, As Universal, As Peace, as Art, As Creativity)


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