This redness of a sail, this kash flowery escape, this glide,

This redness of my sail,
This kash flowery autumnal escape,
This blue white cottony mirth,
This wonderous songy birth,
This glide down the rivers,

This life blessed tranquil evangelic,
This scented journey to a silence platonic,
This awesome overwhelming festivity,
This falling in love with life with childish spontaneity,

Keep me there,
me prays,
This day,
Like always,
All days,
Keep me here,
Where with Peaceful trance me lays,

Upon Your celebratory warmth,
By Your Holiness forever charmed,

So that me can surely be,
In You living, dying, dyed,
In you me leaves a long poetic write-

Of Your ocean,
Of Your colored ways,
Of Your goodness by art said,
Of your music by Holy Sermons Relaid,
Of your alphabets bearing my ink,
Of Your screening
Of a Lemniscate where me ~
                                                         By Your Lyric


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