This Autumn, this festivity, this flowing mind,

This Autumn, this festivity, this flowing mind,
Wishes me, could catch you , infect you,
As infects a book of hidden dreams,
As infects a suppressed mirth Unseen,
As infects a Sun rise from behind the shining hills,
As infects fever of a waking up to a birth,
As infects a flying dupatta in a breezy upsurge...

This Autumn, this festivity, this flowing lines,
Sketches holy on me, You The Beautiful,turned more by saffrony rhymes,
As painted by an artist on a piece of a cloth draping the street
Of the city going to work, checking in and out, hurried feet,
As caught me eyes at a mall hanging curtain like
A paint, a picture, a rhythm, a joyous festival by folk prints dyed...

(Note: the photo attached is that of a hand printed cloth, a folk art, found  by me at a shop, on the street, hanging sweet in the breeze.
The painting on the cloth, is of Goddess Durga, the Destroyer of Evil, The Mahishashuramardini, The Goddess of Autumn, The Power Incarnate.  The Image of Devi Durga has been used widely in varied art forms in  this part of the World)


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