Kindness, in Your eyes, inspire...

Kindness in Your Eyes,
Inspires shadowy bring,
Like Knowing
Your Holy Exist,
Like Comforting a light trace,
Like An Outpour
Of a Jacobean ecstasy,
Like Believing
Life not as a passe`,

This Your Omnipresence,
A growth drops like knowledge,
To where seas with width
Of skies get a symmetry,
Where Your Feet step up only Poetry,

This Your Eternal
A Bell like in me tolls,
Waking up to The Connect,
Where Lethe sleeps with an idea of a sonnet,
Not written ever by me,
But felt in veins with Your warmth, a satiety...

This Your Breath
Where taketh away me occupied,
me longs for You, The Void,
me longs for You, The Unbreakable, Alloyed,

And Kindness
In Your Eyes
Inspires wonderous a soul,
To get filled with psalms,
Songs, pictures, and clips of creative flow.


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