Love, was it my wrong, that me finds You? In seas, forests, parchments?

Why you come so much to me?
Why you come like this evening, dewy?
Do You know not?
My heart is little a space
To hold You there
So vast? Like that sky?
Like that ocean ?
Which in Your eyes me sees every season?
Love, why You pour such?
Your wine,
Your silky touch...
Your song of Dolphin...
A call to go to the sea,
A call to wander to the forest,
Where leaves moist drenched wear a parchment?
Knowing me,
Knowing my miniscule existence,
my cramped room,
You come such?
Why You come blowing a cool?
Why me finds colored flowers blooming beneath
Your transparent waters...
Your softest palms
You rest just beside my writes...
pens mine dipped in colors of your eyes,
Where derives only a metaphysical wide,
Tying me with You,
O The Holy Tide!

You the All Knowing,
The Unknowing,
Bestow your kindness on my eyes,
Like Tears
From Heaven,
Shaman like?

(Note: The Goddess of Poesy, Art, )


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