Why you cry? For me? Hey! take a shot for me, this songy afternoon,

Why you cry
For me?
This songy afternoon,
Take a shot for me
At that corner
Of that pub,

And i guess, Diana Krall might be played there loud,
To cause your tears forming clouds,
And that rainy icy moisture
On the outer surface of the glass
Might have passed
To your eyes, somehow...

But why?
you like a silly girl cry?
Take a shot for me,
At that corner
Of that pub,
Where my last cigarette stub
Still smoking , causes a faint art,
Just sit there
And take a shot for me...
For those shots
Could only make you,
A Diana Krall,
Like a song,
Like this beauty of a post noon,
Like a life...
Like a flow to art...
To sculpture,
To rhythm,
To reading,
To flowers blooming wet,
To scribbling,
To painting,
To camera lens,
To the streets where hunger cries,
To those eyes which are of kids,
To drumming beats,
To a Tagorean song,
To a fiery Lenon,
To festive morns,
To candlelit chinawares,
To smiles stuck on dreamy layers,
To happiness as Philos can create,
To the deep of a poem, once wrote a God, like Yeats,
To everything...
That me carries.

( Note : on a song, a mind and a situation imagined)


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