This morn,
Waking up to wetness
Of rains that left
Traces of dreams on verandah,
Terrace, window, garage door,
I find swallows,
A family of four,
Taken shelter
Right on the ventilator,

I looked at their refuge,
How they had gathered twigs and twines,
How with them they built fine,
A nest,
Right there on the ventilator...

They hopped,
They chirped,
In their own way they had their mirth,

This morn,
I find swallows
Declaring domesticity
So good, like a beauty,
Gathering twigs and twines
To make a nest of their own,

And on greenish lawn,
Flowers bloomed with life,
I saw the morn in another light...
I fell in love with the bonds
That tie,
Life with life...
Like those swallows...
Hopping in delight.


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