Sipping carajillo, like an afternoon,

Sipping carajillo
Like an afternoon
This, me thinks,
Coraje me needs,
And also coffee seeds
To work work from morn till night,
It had been all the days,
All the nights perhaps,
For sleep is like another work
Going to You,
To get Your Touch,
To get to the land of the Infinite,
To rest like death,
A recharge...

Only to move on again...
Getting into me all those pens
That write stories on roads, walls, streets,
Seeing glee how with smiles meet,
How people shake hands saying
'We are finally here!'
How the sky gets somewhere dark
How without clouds there stays thunderspark,
How people try hard to get back to shores
How people fight back all unnecessary chores,

But then
Afternoons like these,
Sipping carajillo wish
To give away if me can
The hard learned things to all me meets,
Wish just to plant a kiss on the palms of You,
For without Your Bless,
Your Godly sense,
There would not have been any rise,
There would not have been any meaning,
Of my living thus,

me prays
For more pens
To arrive in me,
So me writes
On all roads,
All skies,
Only Your Happiness,
Only Your Holy Sense,
Only Your Silence.


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