A birth of a morn, is de profundis,

A birth of a morn,
Is De Profundis,*
Out of the deep,
Living happy,
Being borne
By the lighted dawn,
Breaking with mirth,
A birth, like this,
A birth to greet
The Autumn with shiuli dreams,
In quiet fields
Of the city,
In quietness ,out of bounds,

A birth of a morn
Is de profundis,
Out of the deep,
Smiling at the exist,
Smiling at the very hour,
Whence Holiness the earth with silence showers,
Like a season's best compliment,
A glorious sense,
A sky with clouds non static,
A street, an avenue, trees lining drenched by calm,
A Sun waking up, such a beauty, charismatic,
From behind the dark, left over,
A birth of morn, like Eternal Nature Lover...
Reaching the last, the trance, the music,
Where we and Thou conjoined stay...

( Note: *De Profundis: by Tennyson, a poem, celebrating Birth, and life.)


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