Have you ever felt the sky?

Have you ever tried
To feel the width of the Sky?
How in Her awesome blue and white
She spreads light?
How every morn comes bright
With the Lord smiling?
How every night turns a beauty of a dawn?
How airy moisture transforms
Into dewy dense sparkling forms?
How songs eternal float in varied shapes?
How Mother Nature with only soothe life forever drapes?

Have you ever tried
To anchor your heart
To get a feel of the soil of the earth?
Have you journeyed without making elaborate plans?
Have you danced ever only for the love of a dance?
Have you sung ever loving the song?
Have you, dear, found the short distance in the long?
Have you felt ever the silence how words keep?
Have you discovered how alphabets can also plunge to the Musical flow of a Deep?

Have you felt the ripples of water on soul?
Have you ever thought of catching the morn like beads of gold?
Have you ever stood alone only for All?
Have you felt how maple reds sketch a perennial Fall?
Have you, met with eyes by tears calling a prayer of Peace?
Have you ever thought of traveling by Mind without cease?
Have you, ever, tried to get a proper feel of the Road?
Have you, ever, felt the cool breeze sweeping a cornfield of Happiness broad?


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