Have you seen the moon tonight?

Have you seen the moon tonight?
How She shines there like a write?
As shines on me Your Holy face,
As shines on me a poetic haze,
Caused by the autumn dripping like a wine,
Have you seen Her, The Silvery Shine?

Have you seen how She holds a line?
Have you dipped into words broken to Aleph* signed?
Have you felt the feel of the cool?
Have you plunged into an oceanic pool?
Have you met me in those alphabets?
Have you gotten steadied by my sleepy Rest?

Have you seen the moon tonight?
How She upon me writes a light?
Have you felt me as another kind?
Have you not in me found your Most Beautiful Mind?

(Note: *Aleph: in Hebrew meaning the same Root, something like spiritual or divine manifestation of soul , )


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