Sephulcral, You, carry me,

Sephulcral, You,
If you may, help me sew
Hollow Holy rites,
Like words, like ink,
Where Your scriptures You keep,
Where You me to the Fancy lift,

Carry me
To that entombed place,
Where Your Divinity You keep,
And me there help embrace
A song,
A write really long,
To fill all pages white,
To fill pages with Your kindness, bright...
To sing a tune of an enchantment,
To rhyme a perfection of fulfilment,
To harmonise life with elements of Nature,
To weave a long tale of myth, dreams and a docufeature,
To paint the best of times in alphabets gold,
To converse with you, soul to soul,
To create a trance sitting on a stone,
To cause a drench to the purest of the bones,
To join life with the glowing, flowing, rivery escape,
To create the  illusory real big to make a wide landscape,

Sephulcral, You,
Help me,
This morn,
To sew,
Life woven with life,
Writes long to fill my pages white.


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