Autumn is flying kites,

Autumn is flying kites Unstrung,
To get the feel of the skies,on song,

Autumn is finding reasons
To live blessed for all seasons,

Autumn is catching a super six highway,
Beside which kash flowers forever in the cool breeze sway,

Autumn is standing under a tree
Showering blessing like falling leaves on me,

Autumn is hearing the beats of drum,
Calling me out to Goddess there with ten arms,

Autumn is a season for photography
Finding colors in faces of the moving city, so happy,

Autumn is falling in love with life more
Like finding how music in the air soars...

Autumn is another youth of me running
Autumn is a season of writing You, much like a Spring,

Autumn is reaching a Fountainhead,*
Autumn is by the river me on soft mud laid,

Autumn is flying to a picture of a dream
Autumn is finding Zeus there at a crossing, like a scene.

( Note: Fountainhead: a  fiction by Ayn Rand)


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