C'est la vie,

Loving You,
Is living Happy,
Wet by dews sappy,
My trunks,
Filling my shoes,
Loving You,
Is feeling your dews,

Your dust, and sands, and slush,
Your dirt, dart, and that glassy megamart,

Loving you is like taking
Yet not blown out,
And blowing still
Where Your winds drives the mill,
To energy,
To work,
To more of Your Holy Spark...

Loving You
Is loving you without fear,
Like writing you on leaves,
On trees, on this autumnal sky,
Loving You,
Is like always having a flight,

Loving you,
Is loving every part of this Big World,
Loving you,
Is knowing where Hopes with Faith hold You,
Loving you, life
Is feeling within
The birth of a Kite.


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