Lets make a journey,

Such a glorious day,
Such a sun lit afternoon
Of an autumn,
What about making a journey?
You would just unfurl The Sail,
And me would go, rudderless,
For the journey deserves that,
A journey to One own self,
A journey into one's own soul...

The ocean would be turbulent,
Ego would come as a big wave
To drown me,
Then there would be
Crashing onto me
To shred me to pieces,
Mincing me meat,

You would just unfurl the sail,
Your white,
Your supreme awareness
Of all,
And me would make the journey
For You would be there
To tame and cure
All unrests,
All meaningless,
All decadence,

Once You would me hold
There, rudderless me
Would be
me knows
That journey
Calls for every day,

and every word
Every picture
Every thing,
Would make there a contribution,
For there lies your blessing,
Your benediction...

And me would go
By the wind,

me would on pages unbound
Travel to spaces,
To times,
To monuments,
To science,
To origin,
To characters,
To life,
To love.


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