me will meet you, at the edge, of tomorrow,

Me will meet You,
At the edge,
Of tomorrow,
Where you would lie bare
Like a layer of a festive Fair,
Where hopes from heaven would on you shower
Like a death of desire,
Like a birth of a soulful air,
Within you,
And in me too,
Me will meet You
At that edge,
Of tomorrow...
Like our glory,
Like our lives pure,
Like our days of writes,
Like our days of a rise,
Like days of travels to the space,
Like days of painted skylines so many,
Like Fall of happiness like tingling pennies,
Like vertical jet smoke sketching lines off limit,
Like taking a flight to the mountain summit,
Like a dream of a reading session by lamp,
Like a birdsong pasted on a window like a little champ
Of our existence,
Like Our lives walking on thin red lines, barbfenced,
Like a movie stream of a vast country,
Like a wheatfield reaching the Inifinity,
Like a free ride down the road, with a radiohead,
Like a long write as asphalt flowing laid...

Me will meet You,
Only there,
Where the morn would stand like a dream fair,
Where The Lord,
Stands with His Smile,
Where songs of blowing wind traverse thousand miles.


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