La belle Nature...

This morn,
Help me, You adorn,
In my ways of an effort
To understand ways of God,
Upon You, Nature,
how He serves a golden bod,
This morn,
Help me, You, reborn,
In Hopes as lessons of Life,
As servitude to The Lord's kindness, a life,
Help me to just sit quiet
Trying to be into Your wonder,
This morn, my mind let me by lust of life, wander...

This morn,
Help me, You adorn
Help me, You, reborn,
To Trust, to Love, to Smiles,
To make a Fanciful Flight,
To be there where clouds write
Universal truth,
Where triumph lies with only delight...

This morn
Make me
From all dins and bustles,
This morn
Make me
Only leaves how rustle...


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