Let me sing a dream for you,

Let me sing
A dream for you,
A dream as seen
Under a silvery beam
Of a moon,
Of a full,

This late evening,
A weekend as the days bring,
Let me sing
A dream
For you,

A half
Of a full,

Thinking You,
Let me weave
A wine
A drip
Through the veins of leaves,
A seeping feel
Like a song
A mild shiver,
A soothe of a flowing stream
Into you,

Let me sing for You,
Calling angels
To help you
Close your weary eyes,
So you can feel this late evening sky...
All over you,
Draping you with a shine,
A soft illume
Of a moon,
A tune...

And perhaps
By this sleep
You me will evoke
Like another enchantment,
A nightly warmth of a cloak,
A comfort
Like arms,
Holding you,
Making you
To reach,
The Holy Shrine,
By silvery shine
So enriched...

Let me sing
For you,
As sings a dreamy mist
This late evening,
Overwhelmed by
An enterprise
Of a selene
Half of a full,
So differently lyrical,
So wonderful,
A night coming
To be The Beautiful.


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