An ode to Facebook

Hail to thee
You almost turned me a book,
There on 'whatz in your mind' thing...
What not You for me hath brought,
Critiques long enough
To be a draft with edges rough
Of a middle sized commentery,
Of psychoanalysis post mortem
Almost a never ending life documentery...

O Hail to thee Facebook
My blogs, my writes, pictures,
You how turned to create surtures...

Hail to thee
For You also made me
An Elvis,(someone suggested, heartily,)
A legend,
A Gift,
A Sun,
A Morn,
A Speck of Hope,
And Angel of Love...

Hail to thee,
For You caught me
And You set me free,

Now after being involved
With You,
By voiceless silence
By mere words, a scribbling sense,
For many many years,
Holding me,
Lifting me,
Making me proud,
Making me an evangelist,

Time hath come,
To write something long,

So a brief refuge
O Facebook
Let me take into
Something longer,

Writing me soul
Into papers non digitised,
Non Zuckerberg-ish,
For times are running out,
And my writes are not waiting either...

Me goes out
With a stronger bond
With You,
For You me to the World took...

( Note: just another scribble, thought it was pending, for all my blog outputs, are networked primarily through Facebook, a social networking site, )


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