Suns...a morn...and a road...

Waking up,
Unusually early
Which prompted he
To catch sleeves mine,
In his eyes,
'Can i
Take a ride
With you dad?'

'But kiddo,
Today you got
Exams right?
And you need to study hard...'

And his face got sullen
His eyes had a drooping sense
And me looked outside
The Sun was getting ready,
The beams His falling steady...

Lets go out then...'

And we rode
me, and two suns...
Flashing really warm...

'Exams? '
me asked the kid,
And his reply was simple:
'That would be later
Coming up to grind
But before that
Let me possess this wind...this opened mind'

me smiled...
Thinking how he
Is slowly getting
Into folds of me...

Or me getting into his,

May be...

We took the road...
Like a vroom...

Thinking again thousand years 

Being a little, too little a room!

(Note: the photo attached is of my kid, Mayoukh, alias kittu, alias Goltai, alias sunny, taken by me, real time)


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