me will never be, the same, this Holi Day...

me will
Never be
The same,
You me hath burned blue,
You me hath turned a long post due,
You me hath turned like a Billie,*
A young man gone old silly,

And me
Will sadly
never be
The same,

For you have
In me sang
By venom
Of Your Poison,
Your fangs
Hath bitten me,
And never will be
The same,

O You hath turned me blue
You hath turned me true...
And me goes by your fable,
Your Spell, your Holy like a Bible,
A Script, long ago written perhaps
A thousand years you in me thus,
By Your Poison caused an elapse...

And me
Will never be
The same

(Note: *Billie Holiday, the singer)


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