me wishes and prays, with tears...

You brought
By Your own Infinite kind
Your kisses and flowers
And choco tarts,

Onto my tiny heart
And this tiny tiny miniscule life,
This journey whence You by Your Unfathomable,
Made a bass, a treble,
Whence Your white winged touch
Hath held within such a torch,
Burning me soft,
Making me bright
Every moment...

me thinks
It is again the times
To touch you,
Your pale creamy white
Pair of feet,
me thinks
It is times
To bow
Before Your awesome,
Your Divine,
Your Love,
Your Deep,
Your Baronci an altarpiece,

me thinks me has not yet woven true,
All your bless in a proper way, your dews
Which You hath dropped glistening on me,
By chance, by Your Benign, by Your Providence...
So love laden , a sense of The Dense,

me prays times such ,
Come to all,
me wishes Your Happy
Makes all the skies of the world sappy
So, that only Your tears from Heaven
Fall like poesy,
Fall like honey,
Fall like chocolatey...
On fences,
On dark lens,
On hapless kids crying being lost,
On holed, gaping, bleeding hearts,
On those sad eyes which wish to die by injury,
Into those ears who pine a sweet sweet moist lullaby,
On those helmets of soldiers beaten, battered,
Into those veins reaching lungs which gone burst, shattered,

me wishes,
me prays,
me bows...
For more
Of Your Pour,
Every moment,
Every single nano second...
That all mirrors become lamps,
And Your whitest lamb
Happens always...
Your meek
Happens eternal...


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