Falling in love with you, is like Falling in Love with the world,

Falling in love with You,
Is like falling in Love with the  World,
Awakened risen to the will of God,
And that ten handed Goddess,
Coming back with hope deified,
Risen to a Happy bliss
Risen to Autumn arriving in the city,with a cool mist,
In forms of mandaps being erected,
In shapes of idols being made of clay,
O what an arrive of a festive day...

Falling in love with You,
Is like falling like dew
On leaves so green, so blessed, so fresh,
Like a festive spirit spread like a button pressed,
On refresh,

And those malls, those shops
me sees how they get deck up with dresses made for you,
Flipfops, capri, peacock green a silky saree,
A white creamy layer of a curtain,
A cushion cover soft with intricate hand woven patterns,
A long list of renovations to be brought home...
And wooden poles painted with photographic joys some...

O Autumn, falling in love with you,
Again, like last year, or several childhoods before,
Is like feeling within golden morns more,
With dreams of kash shiuli lotus pink and white poured...


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