enshrine love...

You could hang me to death
For my love so much deep...
But by doing so,
I , in my heart, surely know...
Your love you bequeath;

And you can throw me off like a fly
Buzzing so unnecessarily round
But I know, dear, you've rarely found
Love so booming...love so unbound!

So do whatever
Push me into the stormy river
Throw me off the hill
But please, never ever
So meaninglessly your passions
You thus ,so stupidly kill!

For I might die
And you also never live for eternity
So love me twice, or thrice...
And a millionth time dear
Till love ours be a sacred shrine-
A kind of lovely wondrous deity!

Believe me dear...
Once you our love thus enshrine
Millions of lovers will join us too
And quite a trillion hearts will also with love shine!


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