from body to soul...a mindscape

I remember...though kind of vague
Your canyon through the mountains of Prague!
I remember your warm inside
Through which, me took the slide!
I remember every bit of the terrain...
The rough, the smooth and the plain...
I remember how my ride underwent
Jumpy, bumpy, deliciously bent-
From top to the toe and toe to top
I climbed all your hills and never did stop-
Till you asked for a respite
From the frenzied sweaty override!

Ten years since, I longed for you
And memories of garlands I did sew!
Memories so deep not bound by lust
Memories of your cries and my sobs of the past!
Memories of another Waterloo old
You making me the meek and the bold!
You leaving marks on my mind so strong!
You steering my wheel, from the right to the wrong!

Ten years long I missed you the guide...
Taking over me, cruising through the tide;
Now that you again come in that desperate shape,
I hand over my body and mind to you for a remake!
Knowing underneath my skin so fully well,
How love with that lust did together dwell!
Now that you aged, and me got wrinkles
I am sure our bodies hardly tingle!
All we need, is just a evening by the beach,
Sitting together, clasped hands and souls stitched!


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