Monday, January 16, 2012

at the Cathedral...

Walking by the Cathedral -AJC Bose road link,
Felt like making a round of the church...
Simple structure white and garden forefront with red, yellow, pink
Umpteen joy in bloom, made me search...

My love, much like, Ronan Keating,
For whom sang only once the song,'25 minutes too late'
And my heart took all the beating,
As I pushed open the iron gate;

The silent,sombre approach way,
With tall trees lined,
Reminded me of that day,
When my love on me her passions signed...

She wore perhaps her whitest skirt long,
And her lips were all so red,
And somewhere probably sounded the gong,
But perhaps I, her betrayed!

Time ticked so crazily away,
As flew the northern breeze,
Taking away all in its sway,
Alas! flow of memories never cease!

So I visit and revisit
My lanes of memories too often,
And my eyes how they lit,
And my heart how they soften!

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