pretty woman mine!

Found her by the lane so dark
She standing like a lark
Under that lamp post bright
Wearing a red red corset tight...
Her overflowing bosom shone
As she stood so haplessly alone...
Stopped my car for a while
To see her flashing business smile,
She came and put her hands on the hood
Probably she me misunderstood!
I opened the door and strolled across
She thought me another client so gross...
But I held her hand and looked at her
And felt deep inside how demure...
She had been once, by my troth!
Like a butterfly in guise of a moth
' Pretty woman mine!' I muttered slow
To which she crooked her penciled brow...
'You're still good and still you're young'
I mumbled freely as if I knew her long...
She then dragged me up under the light
And held my face in her grip so tight...
Suddenly her face underwent a change
As if she found in me something strange!
'O god! if you thought you would come...
Why came here in this place filled with scum?'
Having uttered these under her expression so teethed
She landed a slap on my face with all her grit...


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