explosion is long overdue...

Light fire there dear!
Right there at my soul,
Now that numbness spreads...
Now that the air is biting cold;

Kiss me hard dear,
Kiss me to detonate me!
Help me to burst into flames, dear,
Help me to vaporise the sea!

Strike that blowtorch dear
Strike it right where the ice forms,
Singe me with your amplitude,dear,
Raise the ash-and-fire-storms;

You know, don't you dear?
That in a secret chamber packed,
Gallons of fuel lie there useless,
With sacks of gunpowder stacked...

Just need your fire dear!
Just need your fiery code
And be rest assured dear,
I would surely,with noise,explode...

Now that the numbness spreads
Across that rocky mountain view,
Just be there beside me,dear,
And the explosion, is long overdue...


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