love always faces the fatal risk...

Tell me one thing dear..
  Can guns and violins play
Together, in any given day?
  Can love and hate reside
Under the same roof, without fight?
  Guns and roses
Look only good
On album covers
Together they always glued...
   But the real world
Is not a Long-playing disc
Love always faces the fatal risk...

 Still I would carry the rose
Though the guns are right on my nose...
I would love to play on the string,
With my violin I would still sing...
  Wish to put the flower into the muzzle
Of the machine gun, which my liquid love guzzle...
  Wish to die without fear
In front of the guns spitting fire!
  Wish to paint the whole town red
With my blood, carrying love sacred!

  Thus, bullet ridden, I would fall
On your lap, my sweet lover-girl!


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