killed my body and took my soul...

You could have stabbed me with a knife...
But instead, you came with a feathery thing
To play on my skin
To make me on you lean...

You could have been a bit brutal!
But instead, what you did
Never did I in your eyes read...
You touched my heart
In such a careless way
That found in my frozen lake...
The darling blossoms of May;

You could have been very cruel
But perhaps you came not to fight a duel
For your swords were of chocolate made
And how your sweetness with me you trade!

You could have blown me off
By a negligent remark
Or by your agonised look...
But instead of those, you took
The most subtle way to kill
Choosing the softest,the slowest...the death-pill!

You came to me to touch my body
Before you touched my mind
Or it might be the case
That in my body your soul did you find!

So you chose to kill me
But took my soul true!
For it had all of you!


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