Saturday, January 7, 2012


I see the cars so busily ply
On streets washed by the rain
Puddles luckily reflect the sky
And your face on Drury lane!

I see the city in black and white
Trembling, shaking, in the cold
I wait for the sun to shine bright
I see how raindrops on leaves, got sold!

I see how they run the car
Splashing mud on your sweet face,
I see how rhythm overflows the bar-
And catch you in newly woven dress!

Fresh as fresh as water color
On my lovely palette clean
Mud and filth hardly mar
Your presence, like an eternal scene!

You come to me with your heavenly bliss
Adding life and color to my city so blase,
You come like dreams which I miss
Under the dark out-of-place!

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