the painter, the moonlight and the creation...

Seen her on my bed
So by moon light drenched...
So perfect shape of a god!
The very sight sent shivers to my heart and bod!
Thought of touching her mirage once,
Thought of pleading her to take my body for a dance!
Thought of feeling her curvacious frame,
But gripped with a kind of lustrous shame;

So went out of the room closing the doors
Took up the pastel to paint a lustful course...
Painted her putting in all my emotive self
Deeper and deeper I into paints delved...
Soon the paints took over me
My lust and love provided me the key
To explore the feminine form in its most adorable shape
A figure on the canvas under a white transparent drape
Soon emerged so beautifully true!
Thus the woman under moonlight me woo...


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