me, your Don Juan...

I wish you are still the same
Though God knows,
Whether Time has been the boon or bane...
But I wish you to remain the same!

I think you still wear that frock so green
Aging must've caught with you-
But you're still my silver queen,
I think you still have that frock so green!

I think you have still that smile,
Your face might've grown a bit old,
But I've also walked the mile
I think you still carry that smile!

I dream of you standing there
With that bouquet of flowers at hand,
I am sure I'll get you near
As I dream of you still there!

I know I have traveled far
You have also seen the life,
But I dream of you still! dear!
Though I've traveled wide and far...

You, I wish, still hum old song
Standing on that empty porch
Wearing that your green sarong
I wish still you hum that song!

I think I saw you there
At the market the other day,
You were walking on feet so bare
I think I saw you walking there!

You pehaps have forgotten me
The boy with that restless mind,
But I am no longer that busy bee
Cause my flower has forgotten me!

I wish I could touch your lips
Kiss you there with eyes closed,
But the digital time forever beeps-
Don't know how could I kiss your lips!

I hope you still carry that heart,
That flared up mind,that ignited brain,
And your passions are still intact!
I hope you still carry that heart!

God must be the all knowing one,
Pushing me faraway from you,
But haven't you been that lovely swan?
And me, your only Don Juan?

Please don't dismiss me
As a fictional libertine,
I am your only Don Giovanni
So you please not dismiss me!


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