its not my fault, Eve!

If I be so fallen
By your beauty fully overwhelmed
Is it me you blame dear?
Or your beauty so inflamed?
   If the apple I taste,
You to me give in a haste,
From that tree without knowing
What it could possibly us allowing...
Should it be really fair
To put me into the convict's chair?
    I saw how by that serpent lured
You plucked that fruit- almost obscured,
From that tree of the garden
And putting your bite into it so sudden!
    I thought I should you stop
From that ignorant bite
Which finally led us to that proverbial drop...
     But then you gave me the fruit
Thinking it to be the only truth...
And how could you I defy?
For God from my last rib you deified...
So I took the bite as well
To thus be fallen to Hell
With you, however, by my side...
By thus God we both beguiled!


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