your eyes help me take a galactic tour...

Seen your eyes dear
But not your face
For you did brace
That black, nonsensical shawl
Right over your face...
Covering your beauteous all!

Yes! I know...dear...
The wind was unruly and cold
Perhaps that did deter you from coming out
But have you ever thought what your eyes me told?

 Your eyes...weren't they quick?
Didn't they carry that feeling of being the love-sick?
Tell me...dear...
Why did you stare-
With that smile in your eyes?
Why did you send the fire to the ice?

Perhaps I did mistake
Putting you so at my life's stake!
Perhaps you're from Venus
And I'm from Mars...
 And your eyes had love so scarce...

But (through you) admit I must-
That I saw the whole of the Universe!
Probably met a few blackholes and the Nebula
And...(surely!) I  reached  for the stars...


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