the future state...a reflection...

He looked into the future state
There he found how his destiny has set
Him up to meet the girl at 'The Roxy';
    There, so strangely, he found his proxy
Waiting for minutes one and half
Taking his cloudy sensory puff
And  waiting and waiting in a brown jacket
Time and again tossing his cigarette packet...
A kind of restless existence...
And thus he looked into his future tense!
    His future- the girl at The Roxy bar
Came in view soon  from thousand miles far,
Her hair still carrying the salty smell
And the ocean of time had stories to tell,
He looked into his future state thus
Letting the past and the present pass...
But he knew everytime he would look
The futuristic picture a little shook;
    A kind of reflection that changes a bit
Every time one decides to have a look at it!


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