sinfully yours...

Dear miss pink,
Sorry for I gaped at you,
But your beauty was the only chink
In your stony, too apparent, outward view;

I'm sorry for my gaze
Looking at you like a man in a trance,
For your smile had that capricious maze
That sent me out in the rain to dance!

I'm sorry for being so curious
To get to know you up close,
Why there's a hint of morning tears?
Why so dry appears that lovely rose?

Are you amused by my look?
Are you happy deep inside?
Why in your hand there's a tragic book?
Why your eyes joy belied?

I wish I know everything...
What you read and write in Spring...
What do you in Autumn sing...
What does, to your lips, that smile bring...

What of Summer do you like-
The mango juice or the colors gay?
Do you hit the roads on bike?
As I do every other day?

Now I think my letter ends
With a note of childish hope,
Your presence only happiness sends
Though some joys are too hard to cope!

Sinfully yours, here I sign
Off your page so pink!
Forgive this writeup as a madness mine
But a man can only in a woman sink!


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