my man...

Keeping empty my favoured cup
I waited for you to fill it up;
Keeping my morning bright and gay-
I waited for you the whole day;
I waited and waited under the frost
Like that woman in dreams lost;
I tired my eyes looking at clock
That ticked away 'hickory-dock'!
I shivered in cold under the open sky
Crying, screaming, heaving a sigh!
The day gradually waned to night
Methought the world shut its light...
Fears came as the night descended
Methought my life would now be ended!
For I saw a shadow of a Beast
I shivered within but clenched my fist!
I looked around to find a stone
Thinking of hurling to break his bone!
I picked it up and stood erect
Aiming the thing to the target direct...
Trembling and perspiring, came another thought
'Would I be able to forgive my lot?
 If this man with heavy arms
Molest me and rob my charms?'
I was sinking all again
'Should I lose my honour or fight in vain?'
Just then I heard a familiar tone
That like a torch in the dark, shone!
'You're still waiting? O my sweet doll!'
I opened my fist and saw standing tall-
My love, like a blessed man, smiling at me
With his face so brightened with glee!
I felt like crying and thumping his breast
But pretended aggrieved,and with feminine jest-
Asked him 'Who are you? What do you want?'
The man keeled down with marks supplant
All the fights that he so luckily survived
Came open like broad day light!
I saw on his limbs marks so deep
And could not but only weep;
Then he came to sweep me off
Like a feather so light and soft!
He took me in his muscled arms
Helping me to cry and throw qualms;
I forgot where we actually were
Whether it was a forest or desert so bare!
The only thought that played on,
Was the fact that all pains w're gone!
As if I got a newer birth,
As if Paradise had come on Earth!
As if the night would never end
As if a savior, the God to me, had sent!
I cried and laughed like a woman mad
Discovering happiness in his face so glad;
Carrying with ease, the feathery me
He walked the path of our destiny...


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