first encounter...

Never took you as someone
Other than just a friend..
However, in our gang-of-boys
You were kind of an angel sent...
Noticed never how you want
To be my side everywhere
Never thought of you as a girl
To my God, I solemnly swear!

Then one rainy evening
Across an empty corridor...
When I was on a pillar leaning
Your waves fully lapped on my shore...
 You came so close my God!
Your body touched my bod...

Then you put my hands sure
Upon where the volcanoes lie
Just then somewhere near
The lightning made a thunderous strike;
Just then felt a strange awakening
Somewhere deep within me
Just then felt how even a big ship wreck
Caught in a tumultuous stormy sea!

Remember how nicely after
You showed me the heavenly peace
And  made me grasp the flow of water
At the end of such a blitz!


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