slipping on God's great banana skin...

Chris, whom I heard several years ago,
Told me quite screaming so
That life is 'God's Great Banana Skin',
 But I threw the thought to the bin
And tried to wander in my ways own
Wherever found love sown...
 And that often led  me to slip-
Having a free-fall a few meters deep;

From that ledge of rock I fell
Only to be received in the Hell-
With all its fallen angels there
Swimming across the hot and steamy layer
Of molten ash and fire hot;

Luckily, death I met not-
For Satan was the angel still,
He helped me to climb uphill
And on that ledge I reposition
My body, suffering love's affliction...

I thanked the Satan, so angelic!
And thought of forgiving both the trickster and her trick...
I fell and that was a truth
And she might not be my Ruth!
So what? I moved again
For Love carries both loss and the gain!
I might have fallen deep
And was burnt by the fire and lava beneath...
But that is also a novel thing
That my love-story, to me,bring!


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