O My Goddess! I love you so!

Believe me, dear!
 I love you so much
That feel like I get your touch...
 All the days of the twelve months of the year!
Love you so much dear!

 Even when I cross that lonely path
Or when miscalculate all of my daily math!
There I find you, my Sylvia Plath-
So confessional and without dearth
Of poesy and procreative earth!

Feel like you shadowing me
Even when I try to flee,
Even when the Great Depression hits,
And half naked, half fed men lie on the streets...

I feel your omnipresence pure
The way with your love you cure
The poor and the destitute from rot
And water the plants and trees amidst draught!

Felt you the other day
When under that shadowy tree I lay
And saw the sky so blue and gay
And thanked you for giving me such a day!

For me, you're feminine
A goddess of love divine
I place me at your feet
All your beauty as I meet...


  1. thanks Lyttle Kay...probably you're hinting at the line which refers to Sylvia Plath...thanks for reading it...


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