you gatecrashed into me...

The red saree of yours that wrapped around
You so perfectly well-
As your lavender smell-
Spread into me unbound!

Your arrival never I thought
O how like that morning flower,
Shaded, kind of, by dewy shower,
Unknown love me wrought!

You gatecrashed into my domestic tarmac
Like that cross country flight,
Travel-torn, weak, but carrying the sight
Of homecoming, with a big gift-sack!

Thought of waving signal red,
Not to open my blue blue fanciful song,
To you ,after all your seven-seas' journey long,
But still you came and sat there on my bed!

O dear! you, the gatecrasher so!
Came to me like that sweet pain...
Breaking me once, un-breaking me again,
Upping me twice, drowning me once-so low!


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